click here for a preveiw of the new and improved webpage.

from this point on, ther will be nothing new added to any of these pages. they will later be archived in a corner specificaly made for them after i get to that point. please explore to your discression, have fun!


my name is calix!

Im a 17 y/o artist from the U.S!

I practive creative writing and in the future i want to develop a youtube channel full of animations and video essays about what i love!

I made this website to both keep my ideas on and to keep as some sort of blog!

im currently working on a better layout and more pages. my end goal is to finalize my project and have a well working and pretty page!

please look further in the nav bar at the top! i have links to all my current (working) pages!

As a warning connecting the last sentence, please understand ive never made a website before! i started this projet Jan 25, 2024 and ive been teaching myself along the way. not everything is finished (nor is anything really) but im working hard to get to better point

im still figuring out how to put cerian things into my index! for now, heres my button.

Sign my guest book!

Ive made a guestbook! all sigitures will be kept no matter what change to my site, everyones words are appreciated!

ive dicided to make a effort to put at least 5 things in.

1, a page for ocs, art and projects

2, decicated page for my favoret characters and shows/things i love!(including blinkies, stamps, ect)

3, my online handels, where you can find me and how to message me

4, silly page of my cat, felon :3

5, and of couse a source page of everything ive used to make this!

this is here bc i dont have anywhere else to put and i need to remeber

Soon to be coming pages (in order)....

pages(individual?) for my art and ocs!

shine page:3/ everything i love!

a WHOLE PAGE dedicated to silly gifs, blinkies, stamps, ect!!1!


MANY MORE!!!! this is so fun:3